Become the diver you've always wanted to be! Gain more confidence and comfort underwater. This course can culminate in Nitrox and dry suit certification. It is suitable for single, double tank and both wet and dry suit divers.

  • Datum: 20.09.2024 08:00 - 23.09.2024 19:00
  • Ort Campingplatz Gohren (Karte)
  • Weitere Informationen: GUE Trainingscenter T3


The GUE Fundamentals course is the gateway to further training at GUE. Regardless of the number of dives in your logbook, it will provide you with a few "aha" moments and further refine your existing skills. You will learn how the equipment complements the team philosophy and how to sharpen your eye for new details. Afterwards you will realise a whole new level of diving comfort.

Some divers use the Fundamentals course to compensate for the often sub-optimal training they have received on traditional entry-level crash courses. Others see the course as a ticket to participate in GUE projects and ventures. Many technical divers and even experienced instructors from other organisations take the course to improve their basic skills and gain access to GUE's cave and technical training courses. It is not uncommon to have divers from completely different backgrounds on the same course, which makes the course unique within the diving industry. Everyone - regardless of their current level of training or experience - gets their money's worth here. Successfully completing this course is something to be proud of, as the quality of a GUE Fundamentals diver is recognised and highly respected worldwide.